Commercial EPC

Commercial EPCs

The Commercial EPC comes in two parts, the now familiar ‘fridge’ style graph and 8 pages of recommendations. The EPC rates the energy efficiency of the building by applying zoning methods to calculate the energy efficiency of the building and estimating how much carbon dioxide escapes into the atmosphere. It will give each property (or part of a property) a rating from A-G.

Unlike the EPC software used for residential property, the Commercial EPC software makes many fewer assumptions, so the Commercial Energy Assessor has to collect much more data and comment on the fabric of the building and the services in much more detail. The Commercial Energy Assessor has to be more qualified and skilled and the whole energy assessment process takes significantly longer. The result being that the Commercial EPC is significantly more expensive than its residential counterpart. Fees will vary, depending on the size, complexity and heating and cooling facilities of the building. The agent marketing the property must provide an EPC with the sales particulars and free of charge, to all prospective purchasers or tenants. Failure to do so would make the property owner liable to a fine from the local trading standards officer of between £500 and £5,000 based on rateable value of the property concerned.

The Commercial EPC can only be carried out by a qualified Commercial Energy Assessor.

A Commercial EPC is effectively a 5 page document that:

Commercial EPC
  1. Expresses the energy rating of the building (A [highest] - G [lowest] and a numerical value).
  2. Contains the total useful floor area, address of property, name and address of the Energy Assessor and the date it was issued with a registered reference number.
  3. Is accompanied by a recommendation report with suggestions of how the energy rating could be improved in the short, medium and long term.

The purpose of the EPC is intended to inform new buyers or tenants of a building about the energy performance of a building so they can consider energy efficiency as part of their investment/business decision to occupy that building.

If you require a commercial EPC, please contact us for professional service and a competitive quote.

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